Latest Multimillion complex Design and SOCs have varying need for Emulation platforms to qualify Firmware, Performance measurements and Benchmark Analysis in pre-silicon phase before the silicon is taped out. The complex test and use case scenarios (which are not only time consuming and difficult in simulation environment) can be easily verified in Emulation platform. This aids in reducing the verification effort as well as enhances confidence in terms of performance, latency and benchmark analysis. This also exposes RTL and Design bugs which are difficult to reproduce in RTL verification environment. Excelmax emulation team has successfully delivered multiple projects in Emulation domain. We at Excelmax bring expertise in latest and various Emulation platforms like Palladium from Cadence , Synopsys Zebu , Mentor Graphics Veloce emulation systems and latest Xilinx FPGA. We have extensive experience in:

  • Creation of builds for different emulation platforms.
  • Pre-silicon design bring up
  • Establishing the flow and setup and test Automation from scratch
  • Setting up different boot flows and code for various industry CPU cores
  • Pre silicon and post silicon bringup.
  • Porting of testcases, Use-case scenarios, Benchmark to next generation and post silicon environment.
  • Expertise in the Debug tool chain setup, Coresight and Trace.