Analog Design & Layout

In this competitive market, while launching new product in the market, we need to choose right design for client’s success. Our design team helps the product development team at every stage of VLSI engineering process.

We help the companies with their analog circuit design/ Layout services based on different requirements to develop circuit blocks or subsystems integrated into a larger customer-designed chip.

Our design team has the relevant expertise to develop innovative analog solutions, we ‘re able to make the trade-offs necessary to optimize the design performance, area, power, time to market, product reliability, and cost of your design/product.

We do have good experience in standard cell solutions, Memory solutions, IO Solutions etc.


  • Analog and mixed signal building blocks
  • High precision mixed-signal circuits
  • Layout with HV devices
  • Full chip integration (Analog-on-top or digital-on-top)
  • Integration of high power with high accuracy circuits
  • Experience with CMOS, BCD and SOI
  • Complete Analog Design life-cycle from specs to post-silicon validation
  • Successful delivery of multiple std cell libraries from 10nm to 90 nm, including  High performance, High density, 11T, 9T, 7.5T, 6T design.


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