ASIC Verification

Modern ASIC chips are highly complex and contain millions of transistors, thus, the likelihood of having an error somewhere in the chip during the design process is very high. The earlier the error is detected, the less it will cost. Therefore, ensuring the ASIC is bug free as early as possible, preferably during the design process is extremely important.

The goal of ASIC verification is to make sure that the design meets the system requirements and specifications.

Excelmax has one of industry’s strongest teams in design verification. Our team can execute verification from scratch of complex SoC’s and IP’s by using latest methodologies such as SV-UVM, UPF and meeting key KPI such as 100% functional and code coverage Advanced IP & SoC Verification.


  • Environment Architecture Development
  • Verification
  • SoC Verification
  • IP/SS Verification
  • DFT/DFD Validation
  • Power-aware Verification
  • AMS
  • CPU Verification
  • Gate Level Simulations (GLS)
  • VIP Development, 3rd party VIP Integration, Development and Modelling
  • Assertions, Coverage and Formal Verification


  • Technologies:X86 Processor, ARM/DSP Based SoC, 4G/LTE, Switching, BTLE/NFC
  • Languages: VHDL, Verilog and System Verilog, C/ C++
  • Methodologies: OVM/ UVM/ VVM
  • SoCs: Mobile Processor, Graphics Processor, Network Processor, Automotive, LTE Modem chip
  • Misc: IFV, PSL, Lower power verification in UPF
  • Verification:
    • Full chip verification: Proficiency in building SoC verification environment from scratch as well as legacy environment.
    • Module / IP Verification: Module-level verification experience in a wide variety of domains – Networking, Image / Video processing, x86 Processors, Bus protocols
    • Gate Level Simulation: Full chip gate level simulations
    • Low Power Verification: Expertise in low power verification methodology with CPF, UPF
    • Assertion Based Verification: Assertion based verification for successful and faster closure of designs using SVA & PSL
    • Analog & Mixed Signal Verification: The AMS verification team at Excelmax has the skillsets required to execute.

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